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Welcome to uDrove®

uDrove® is a revolutionary new business and compliance management tool for the transportation industry. Using the functionality of your smart phone and an AOBRD, uDrove® replaces in-cab paperwork and delivers the data instantly to a web account – allowing you to manage your business faster, smarter and more cost effectively! With uDrove®, you can easily track information on iOS and Android™ smart phones and tablets to record driver logs, track mileage, submit fuel and business expenses, complete vehicle inspections and more.

Pro User

With the Automatic On-Board Recording Device, fleet managers and trucking companies will be able to simplify the way they track drivers. This makes your company 100% compliant with MAP-21.

Prime User

A revolutionary, easy to use compliance management tool for drivers to track driver logs, mileage, fuel receipts and IFTA reporting.

Service Bureaus

A compliance management tool to help service bureaus that will create less in-office paperwork. Spend less time collecting driver data and more time helping your client be more successful.


"uDrove® is not just an excellent product, but the company is one of the best I have ever dealt with. What a breath of fresh air in a time like this, where every company you deal with is all about the profit. The bottom line, uDrove® is about customer service. They will call me out of the blue and ask me how I am doing and if there is anything they can do to make my life easier. I've told everyone I know about my experiences with companies throughout my life, good or bad. Good for you uDrove®, keep up the good work, we need more companies like you."

- Matthew Reniker, Owner/Operator
Portside Trucking, LLC

"I have been using uDrove® for a couple of years now. I really like the way it has helped me as a owner operator, to get away from paper logs. Now that I have added trucks and drivers and become a carrier I love the way it helps me with my IFTA reports and being able to keep up with the trucks by GPS tracking. My drivers were a little skeptical at first, but didn't take them long to get the hang of it, now they like how easy it is. DOT has stopped us several times and like the way they could go on our iPads and back up 7 days worth of logs to look at."

- Randy Giddens, Owner/Operator
Giddens Trucking

"Following three and a half years of use, I have nothing but positive things to say about uDrove®. Our drivers no longer have to worry about filling out paper logbooks and tracking miles. Our drivers use the program on iPads, but the information is easily accessible on the website as well. As a small business owner, this allows for much easier and more convenient record keeping. Customer service has always been outstanding, and the program has proven to be very affordable. I have recommended the program to several people, and all of them are now also happy users. Any trucking company or owner operator would definitely benefit from this awesome tool, especially with all of the new trucking rules and regulations in the upcoming years."

- Adam Brull, Owner
ATB Ag Services

"Driving 28 years and finally no paperwork to do at the end of the day!! I have been using uDrove® for 2 years now, I love it. I put the AOBRD in truck, it's very simple to do. Plug it in, download the app on your phone and you're set. When I'm driving down the road I don't have to remember the miles for the day, miles by the state, which routes did I take. uDrove® made my job easier by letting me enjoy my driving and down time by letting them (uDrove®) do all the numbers, routes, states, fuel, all for me while I relax. I start my app on my phone, no odometer, no city, no state, just start my app and away I go, it's inexpensive for us owner operators compared to all the other AOBRD solutions. Very driver friendly customer support. I tried it just to see for myself if I can run legal and make a profit as well. I can say I have made a profit running legal with more sleep and less stress of logs, miles, fuel, routes, and DOT, yes I said no more DOT problems. One look at my AOBRD and phone they don't ask anymore about it. It's true what they say uDrove® WE WILL DO THE REST"

- John Pawlak, Owner/Operator
Alaska West Express

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